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about us

Who are we?

Hello! I'm David Risteski, a programmer and graphic designer who has been expressing my creativity in various corners of the internet since 2005. is a digital reflection of my software journey.

My Story

Holy Women Encyclopedia:

My website has a special focus: Famous Women! Under the slogan "Sacred Women Encyclopedia," I provide an encyclopedia filled with information, biographies, and videos about famous singers, actors, and talented women. The goal is to highlight the impactful presence of women in the arts.

David Risteski Music:

I share my passion for music in the "David Risteski Music" section. With my own compositions and songs, I transform my emotions into melodies. Everything expressed in my lyrics and notes offers a unique window into my musical world.

David Risteski Games:

To make a name for myself in the gaming world, I share my own game mods in the "David Risteski Games" section. By bringing my web design and programming skills into the gaming realm, I provide fun and immersive experiences.

Pushing the Limits of Creativity:

For me, art is not just a job but also a lifestyle. When I combine web design, music, and game mods, I strive to push the limits of creativity in my resulting works. Each project is a part of my artistic evolution.

You can join me on this artistic journey at, exploring the fascinating world of female artists. Wishing you art-filled days!

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