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10 Facts About Jessa Rhodes

Updated: May 8, 2022

Jessa Rhoes is an adult movie star and Youtuber, born on June 29, 1993 in Portland, USA. With a beautiful face, a beautiful body and an incredible sexyness, Jessa is not a name that stands out unlike other porn stars. The fan base is also unique and has a special fan base. If you want to know more about this beautiful blonde bombshell, you are in the right place! Here are the 5 facts about Jessa Rhodes!

1) The story of the name "Jessa Rhodes":

Jessa never revealed her real name and she hid it very well. So we don't know her real name. But the story of the stage name is as follows; She was compared to Playboy star "Jessa Hinton" by her friends and her manager at the time, and that's why she chose her first name, "Jessa." The surname, on the other hand, was chosen because Rhodes brand pianos have very good memories of their childhood.

2) She grew up in a Christian, conservative household and was born the youngest of seven siblings.

She even said, that she was only homeschooled until the 6th grade and that's why she was very introverted and shy.

3) She switched from stripper to porn.

Jessa, like many other pornstars, started doing a stripper job at the age of 18, and it didn't take long to be discovered. At the age of 19, she entered the porn film industry in 2012 by evaluating the offers she received.

4) In 2015, she landed on CNBC's "History's Greatest Pornstars" list.

5) Calling her mother before filming her first scene, Jessa said, "Hey, I'm shooting porn here, I'll be back in a few days." Her family, who was in great shock, had to accept the situation later on.

6) Her first job was clerk at McDonald's.

When Jessa turned 16, right after high school, she started working as a clerk at McDonald's and she loved her job very much.

7) She doesn't like going to gyms!

Saying that she doesn't pay much attention to her body and form, Jessa said, "I go to the gym maybe 5 times a year and I don't like social environments. It's frustrating when people try to talk to me every 2 seconds to do sports."

8) She's a mom now!

Jessa announced on social media that she was pregnant on September 1, 2020. She naturally took a break from the porn industry. She had a son on February 17, 2021, and returned to the stage a little while later, contracting with Brazzers.

9) Also a Youtuber!

Jessa has a Youtube channel called "2 Squirrels In A Sock Podcast" where she posts various podcasts. For those who want to check out the channel link

10) She wants to be a veterinarian.

In an interview in 2019, Jessa said that she loves animals and wants to study veterinary medicine. In fact, at that time, she said, "I'm definitely going to start studying veterinary medicine this year."


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