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5 Facts About Adriana Chechik

Updated: May 6, 2022

Adriana Chechik, real name Dezarae Kristina Charles, is an American adult film actress, born on November 4, 1991 in the United States. With a height of 157 cm and a weight of 55 kilograms, Adriana entered the sector in 2013. Adriana, who won many awards in AVN and XBIX awards, is one of the rising stars of recent years with her beauty and performance. Here are the unknown facts about Adriana Chechik:

1) Her stage name comes from David Chechik!

Adriana chose the surname of the horror movie director David Chechik, whom she admired, as her stage name. The name Adriana, as you might guess, comes from Adriana Lima.

2) She grew up in an orphanage and constantly changed foster families!

After her mother and father divorced, Adriana was abandoned by her father at the age of 6 and struggled for life here. Adriana, who switched from foster family to foster family as a child (13 in total!), started working in strip clubs when she was 18 and eventually found herself in the porn industry.

3) She had a major accident while filming and her spine was dislocated!

Adriana suffered an accident in 2015 while filming a pornographic film, which, she said, resulted in a slipped disc in her spinal cord, pinched nerve, and a dislocation of the brainstem after she had pushed her body back so hard. After receiving treatment for a certain period of time, she ignored her doctor's words "You have to wait 1 year to shoot a new movie" and continued shooting. She added in an interview that she took an ice bath after filming to help her body heal faster.

4) She wants to leave the adult film industry and become a dermatologist!

"I'll be a dermatologist and go to school whenever I can. The smartest people are still learners." Adriana says the porn industry is a very difficult job, with mental problems it creates for everyone, such as depression and drug addiction, and even physical injuries like bruises or dislocated joints. In particular, the rotations in which 7 porn stars committed suicide in 5 months or died from an overdose of drugs in 2018 have alienated him from the industry.

5) She's a Twitch streamer now!

Moving away from the porn industry day by day, Adriana is now a Twitch streamer and plays video games. She also has 610,000 followers, she. We can even say that it has been quite successful in this regard.


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