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5 Facts About Dani Daniels

Updated: May 9, 2022

Dani Daniels, September 23, 1989; American adult movie star born in Orange, California. She is one of the successful ones in the industry and has quite a large fan base. The real name is; It is Kira Lee Örsag. As her name suggests, she is of German and Czech descent. She has won numerous awards, mostly in the lesbian category, including the AVN Awards. Here are some unknowns about Dani Daniels that you probably haven't heard of before:

1) She is an artist and the reason she entered the industry is her passion for painting!

Dani Daniels is an art school graduate artist and painter. She even entered the porn industry because of her passion for painting. While she was studying at art school, she started doing a stripper job to pay her annual fees for school, and while working here she overheard a conversation between two men saying, "I need someone to shoot girl-girl scenes." "Wow! That's great!" she said, jumping into the conversation. Then she entered the porn industry in 2011. In addition to her porn career, she continues to pursue her career as a painter with her real name "Kira Lee". If you want to examine her works, the website;

2) The name Dani was chosen to spite her boyfriend!

The stage name Dani Daniels is derived from her ex-boyfriend's first name as an act of revenge against him. Really great revenge!

3) She is a Licensed pilot!

Dani received private flight/pilot training in 2016 and holds a private pilot license.

5) Her dream job is to be a "Prosecutor".

One of Dani's biggest dreams is to become a "District Attorney" after retiring from porn one day. How she will achieve this, we do not know.

5) She doesn't pay any attention to her weight.

Dani Daniels said that she loves to eat and that's why she never pays attention to her weight. She especially loves her butt and says, "I eat whatever I want. It makes me a much happier, calmer person!" (source)


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