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5 Facts About Karma RX

Updated: May 5, 2022

Karma RX is an American porn star born on January 21, 1993 in California. Her is a life story from the bottom to the top of the adult film industry. Winner of an XBIX award in 2019 and an AVN award in 2020. She's also one of the famous tattoo stars in the industry, and here's some information about the Karma RX that you probably haven't heard before:

1) Spent 4-1/2 years of her life homeless.

Karma RX, a very successful student in her high school life, got stuck in a drug swamp because of her high school friends, "Metal Heads", in her own words. As a result, this successful student life came to an end and after high school, she lived on the streets, slept on the pavement and collected food from the garbage for 4-1/2 years.

2) She got all her tattoos done at the age of 18.

Karma Rx got all the tattoos on she body at the age of 18. Even though she earns $120 a week and pays $900 a month for house rent. As for how she got money for the tattoo, she said, "I used to wait at the trash can all day to buy cans and save money by selling the cans I collected."

3) She entered the porn industry by being popular on social media.

Karma RX, after surviving homelessness and a drug spree, was working 90 hours a week in a cigarette shop at the time but getting a 40 hour salary. As she could not afford it, she started doing social media marketing and selling her premium photos and videos on snapchat. "I did the premium Snapchat job and I remember making $3,500 the first day I started prime - that's more money than I've ever had in my life. I said, 'Oh well, I'm doing this now,' and I've been doing it ever since." she said. After being recognized on social media, she received offers from various producers and then entered the porn industry.

4) The porn star who communicates the most with her fans.

Karma RX is a name that speaks to its fans the most and tries to answer their every question. About this topic; “I like to know what my fans like or prefer so I can try to tailor my content to their liking.” She said. On Twitter, she is generally known for responding to her fans immediately.

5) Role model in the adult film industry; 'Angela White'

Karma said her favorite role model and person to work with in the adult film industry is Angela White, saying, "Angela White. She is nothing but positive energy, professionalism and grace. She is the best person I have ever met in my life."


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