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5 Facts About Lauren Phillips

Lauren Phillips, born December 3, 1987, is an American adult movie star. Since she entered the industry in 2013, she has gained a huge fan base with her BDSM and fetish roles. So, would you like to get to know Phillips better? If your answer is yes, you are in the right place. Here is 5 facts about Lauren Phillips:

1) She is a dancer and dance instructor!

Lauren first worked professionally after High School and then earned a dance degree from Rutgers University. She worked as a dancer and dance teacher for many years before entering the industry.

2) She entered a porn film industry in 2013.

Lauren did not hesitate to have fun while she was dancing, which she was passionate about. In 2013, her experience at a swinger lounge in Atlantic City ignited her desire to enter the porn industry. With the support of his friends, he sent application letters, including full body photos, to numerous pornography studios in California, and was accepted, entering the porn film industry in 2013.

3) She's so tall

Lauren Phillips is above average height; she is 5 ft 10 in / 178 cm tall. Her body measurements are 102-64-97 cm. The bra size is 100F.

4) She is Batman fan!

Lauren says in her interviews that she loves the DC universe and especially admires Batman. She even took on the role of "Batgirl" for a company recently and acted in a Batman cosplay movie she. source

5) She's a rock and metal fan!

Saying that she loves rock and metal music, Lauren said, "I love rock music, I can listen to heavy metal like Marilyn Manson or 90's rock music like Nirvana, and then I go to the 60's and listen to the Beatles."


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