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5 Facts About Mia Malkova

Updated: May 5, 2022

Mia Malkova, real name Melissa Ann Hevner, born July 1, 1992 is an American porn star and present day Twitch streamer. her success in the "B/B/G" and "G/G/B" scenes in her first shoots allowed him to rise rapidly in the industry. Nowadays, She has success not only in porn, but also with Youtube channel and Twitch broadcasts. Here are some little-known facts about Mia Malkova for fans and those who want to know her better:

1) First job; McDonald's

Mia Malkova started working as a waitress at McDonald's when she turned 16, earning only $200 a month.

2) She entered the porn industry thanks to her close friend!

She entered the industry thanks to Natasha Malkova, a porn actress and close friend since the second grade of primary school. While chatting with her close friend Natasha Malkova one day, Natasha told her that she had made a good amount of money in the industry and that she had to try this job, as the money was not enough ($200 per month) while she was working as a waitress. Even though Mia didn't look positive at first, she settled on this job and said, "I don't like my first scene and if I don't like it, I will leave it the next day, what will happen?" She entered the porn industry in 2012, at the age of 20. She'll be glad she's been in the porn industry for 10 years. She also got the nickname she used from Google and her nickname comes from her close friend Natasha Malkova, as you can guess.

3) She masturbates watching her own porn videos!

Yes, this may sound a little strange. In fact, while most porn stars don't even watch their own scenes, Mia Malkova said, "I watch my own scenes. I masturbate to them too. Is it weird? I think I'm a bit of a weirdo, I admit." (source)

4) She would have been a "Housewife" if she hadn't been a porn star.

This is actually a question asked to every profession, and Mia Malkova was asked 'What job would you do if you weren't in the porn industry?' When asked about She, she says, "I would be a happy married housewife with several babies, it's no joke it was my dream." (source)

5) Her family supports him in the porn industry and her brother is in the porn industry too!

Mia Malkova received full support from her family when she entered the porn industry. In fact, 2 years after entering the porn industry, Mia's brother Justin Hunt also entered the porn industry. On the subject, Mia said, "The interesting thing is that my brother got into the industry. She's my real, real brother. I'm saying this specifically, I hope no one brings us together. I don't want to play with him in the same movie or anything!"


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