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Exclusive: Being The Son Of A Pornstar

What would it feel like to be the son of a porn star? It must be really bad for a young child to have a pornstar mom and be bullied for it. Maybe you know Misty Vonage. She was one of the famous porn stars of the 90s. Her real name is Christina O'Loughlin Knapp. But she died on July 27, 2021.

We made an interview with Travis, Misty Vonage's son, by contacting him via Twitter. Travis told us about the hardships, bullying, all of them with all his honesty. He had a really tough childhood and one day he even saw her mother gangbanged at home by black men. Here is Travis' story:

DR: Hi Travis, tell me a about yourself and your mom.

Travis: Well i first found out about my mom’s lifestyle when I was 8 and walked in on her getting gangbanged by black men. So that led my dad down a very bad spiral of alcohol and drugs to the point where my mom won custody during the divorce. So I travelled with her and all. Went to several schools. Got bullied a lot. I tried to have talks with my mom and pleaded with her to stop. She was always upfront and honest and blunt with me and that she just couldn’t. Admitted it made her so happy. Then went to college. Started seeing a therapist more regularly and then I realized I do have to accept or understand it and then thats when I realized it’s best to just be submissive, accept my place, etc. It took some time but now I do feel so much better. My relationship with my mom improved greatly up until her passing last year, I have a good steady job, and I am ok with what she did.

DR: I'm so sorry for your loss, why did your mom die?

Travis: Complications with covid.

DR: I'm sorry. So, what kind of childhood did you have? What challenges does being the son of a porn star have?

Travis: Not a normal childhood. Just being honest. Since my mom won custody. From 8 till 12 I travelled with her. Meaning I would go to hotels, conventions, etc. Everywhere she went. And then once I was old enough to stay home alone. I did but I started getting into drugs a lot as the bullying was bad. Kids at school knew about her and would tease me in every way imaginable. The biggest challenge of having a mom in the industry and an escort honestly would be coming home from school and when I open the door I see my mom having sex or hear her moaning and then the guy ask me for some water or make them some food. That happened a lot.

DR: Oh! this must be pretty hard for a little kid. Are you a porn watcher? Or did you stay away from porn because of your mom?

Travis: I mainly stayed away. As a kid, you just never get used to seeing your mom naked or hearing her moan or talk dirty….no matter how often it happens. Plus kids would tease me by sending pics and videos of her and everything and I didn’t wanna risk seeing all that on a website. Plus I’m really not into sex. I’m a virgin. However, once I went to college and then started to you know accept and understand and be submissive and all. That’s when when I visited my mom and all and walked in on her, I had a different reaction. I didn’t scream and breakdown and get angry and throw a tantrum. And now I am interested and intrigued by porn and fans of porn. Mainly fans who are turned on by moms/milfs. As it’s good to talk to ppl with different perspectives to get even a better understanding.

DR: I read in an article that you were bullied, what kind of bullying did you get? And are these bullying still going on?

Travis: Things like they will show me pics of my mom. Sometimes tricking me like a zoomed in pic of her breasts or pussy or like of her smile with cum on it or a dick in a mouth and then zoom out and it would be my mom. Say things like “how many times when she kissed you good night was there a man’s nut on those lips”….beat me up…..hit on my mom…..etc. yes the bullying still goes on. Porn fans can be ruthless and turned on by some odd things. But now instead of running away. I accept it and try to understand.

DR: Oh! I'm so sorry for this.

Travis: Don’t apologize. It will be ok. I mean I’ll be honest- in the heat of the moment no. But now, I have thick skin, I can handle anything, I had a really great last few years relationship and bond with my mom.

DR: Have you met any female porn stars other than your mother?

Travis: Yes a few. While at conventions and all.

DR: As the son of a pornstar, what would you like to say?

Travis: I actually give advice to other kids who have mothers that are in the industry. There is actually a support group and we have biweekly zoom meetings. It’s kinda crazy you know the things porn fans are turned on by and all. Like what caught my eye with you is your Mother’s Day tweets. I was like damn that’s savage because some of those women do have kids. And so I figured you would be a good person to reach out to and talk to. Because you would just be blunt and ruthless and honest. And I appreciate that. See nobody is perfect. We all are fucked up in one way or another. The thing is some ppl try to be fake and play games and pretend they are better than everyone. So I always appreciate honesty and ruthless, even if it makes me cry lol

DR: You said you watched your mom's porn, was there any arousal?

Travis: No there wasn’t. I watched to try to understand/gain some knowledge. No arousal at all tho. But I can watch her porn and be ok. Like let’s be real- once uve witnessed ur mom fucking like one hundred times in person…..videos and pics don’t really bother you lol

DR: If you were a porn star, or would you like to be? If you had to act in a scene with your mother, would you do it?

Travis: No. Do not want to be a pornstar lol. And act in a scene with my mom….what do you mean? As in like actually the one having sex with her. Or like a cuckold type thing like “watching my mom go black”?

DR: Yes, something like that.

Travis: Because you know I’ve been in that position many times in real life and if the scene would even turn on person on and make them happy or smirk or get off well then that makes me smile.

DR: Thank you so much Travis...



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