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5 Facts Abot Phoenix Marie

Updated: May 5, 2022

Phoenix Marie, (real name is Melisa Marie Hutchison), was born on September 21, 1981 in Arizona, USA. Phoenix, who entered the industry in 2007 and starred in nearly 1500 films, also has a large fan base. Phoenix, who is quite tall, is 175 cm tall. Here is some information about Phoenix to get to know him better:

1) She was a Harley Davidson employee

Before entering the industry, Phoenix was working at Harley Davidson and one night he went to a nightclub with his friends. The owner of the nightclub here was a man with connections to the porn industry and using these connections in Phoenix, he entered the porn industry in 2007.

2) She was a shy girl in high school.

Saying that he was a smart but introverted and shy person in high school, Phoenix said that entering the porn film industry was good for him. he said.

3) She hates being branded as a porn star!

Explaining that "everyone thinks all porn stars are prostitutes," Phoenix says this is the biggest misconception in porn and he hates this stigma.

4) She is considered the real star of the industry.

Having acted in 1354 films, Phoenix is accepted as the "True Star of the Industry" by all authorities.

5) The stage name "Phoenix Marie" comes from the comic book!

Saying that he loves to read comics and is a fan of Marvel series, Phoenix said, She found his stage name from these comics. She chose "Marie", a surname that is used a lot in the comics she read, and added "Phoenix" to the beginning.



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